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Feminist Therapy for Men

Most of the men I work with come in with similar concerns to people of all genders: depression, anxiety, traumatic or painful experiences, grief, relationship decisions, career stress or career decisions, etc. 

As a therapist with a feminist orientation, I am particularly interested in helping men find freedom from the ways that patriarchy has harmed them throughout their lives. Specifically, I invite men to work with me around:

  • Sexual assault, rape, misogyny

  • Body image, exercise, and food

I've found these are very difficult subjects for men to discuss openly. Many men have experienced sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse, and some fear that naming and identifying the impact of these experiences will be terrifying, humiliating, or disempowering (spoiler: the opposite is true).


Know that you are also welcome in my office if you have (or worried you might have) pressured someone into sex, raped, or assaulted someone else, and you need a space to work through feelings of shame, guilt, and remorse, and/or a place to think through restitution and repair.  


I also welcome you if the women in your life have given you feedback around your interactions with them (mansplaining, unequal domestic labor, emotionally shutting down, etc), and you need a space to consider how your socialization as a man has impacted your relationships with women and people of other genders.

You are also welcome to discuss your relationship with food, your body, and exercise with me. There has been more awareness in recent years of how men are encouraged to pursue a particular body shape/size through rigid exercise and diet routines. I have specialized training in diet culture and its impact on men, and can provide a space and some guidance for you to come to a more peaceful relationship with food, exercise, and yourself. 

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