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Location and Contact

*Please note, my practice is currently full and I'm unable to take on new clients. I do not keep a waitlist. I recognize this has been a difficult time to find therapists with openings. If you are having trouble finding someone, please feel free to contact me and I will reach out to my network to see who has availability. You can also call your insurance provider and insist they find you an in-network provider with openings.*

My office is in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of North Seattle, and I offer both virtual and in-person appointments (full vaccination and masks required). 


206-457-3433 |

Nuts and Bolts
Session frequency
Rates and Insurance

I see people on a weekly basis. I do not provide bi-weekly or monthly therapy. Weekly contact allows us to establish and maintain a relationship of consistency and trust. This is essential to doing the deeper work.

I am currently only in-network with First Choice, which includes Kaiser PPO plans. If you have another insurance carrier, I can provide you a monthly statement as an out-of-network provider. Many insurance companies reimburse around 50% out of network (call yours and ask). My fee is $175 per 53-minute session. I reserve some slots for those that are committed to therapy but are unable to pay my regular fee. If you are ready to make the investment in weekly therapy but are concerned about finances, please contact me.

Length of Treatment

The length of therapy depends on many factors, including your goals and commitment to the process, the complexity of your current needs, and the supports in your life (community or family, access to joy, access to nature, and internal resiliency). I have provided short-term therapy (4-20 weeks) as well as longer, deeper work. I prefer depth. However, money, time, and life circumstances are very real factors, and much can be accomplished in a short time for those who are ready for it. Our initial assessment period will include identifying your goals and any limitations around length and cost of treatment.